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The Garner Educational Foundation, since 1998, has supported continued development and coordination of technology for teaching and learning within the Garner-area schools.   This support includes monthly professional development meetings of the media and technology contacts from each of the schools, workshops for teachers, assistance with technology grant writing, and funding for technology purchases.  Meetings and workshops have provided training on using digital cameras, website development and maintenance, creating digital video studios and programs, incorporating GPS devices in the classroom instruction, and many other topics.  


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Technology workshop on iPads


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Technology workshop on Video Production


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Technology workshop on Internet resources and safety

Annually, GEF seeks funding for technology equipment purchases for the eleven schools.  The Town of Garner has provided funds for a multi-year implementation of video production centers at each school and Wake County has supported the purchase of technology equipment for the classrooms and media centers.  A goal of the Garner schools and GEF is to have a video/TV studio in every elementary school and mobile units for writing and video production in the two middle schools and the high school.


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Smith Elementary Video Studio

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Smith Elementary Video Studio